Hurricane Preparedness- Managed Inventory

"The events of the recent month should, if nothing, taught the importance of the word prepare. As we look ahead at upcoming hurricane season, preparedness becomes paramount. We have seen the disruption of supply a crisis can cause and your business and employees are critical and being prepared is the best way to ensure their safety."
Jim hicks

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Simple Program

Fishbone will deliver a 20-foot or 40-foot C container pre-stocked with the inventory you choose. Your Fishbone representative will work with you to formulate a list that you agree on for items such as: • Water • Batteries • Flashlights • Toilet Paper • Paper Towels • Drum Liners • Brooms • Gloves • Shovels • Disinfectant • Sprayers • First Aid Supplies • Mask • Tyvek Suits • Rubber Boots • Mosquito Repellent • ETC

Time Saving

In the event of a disaster, time is of the essence. Fishbone takes the measurements to ensure everything is ready to roll out when a natural disaster does strike.

Weekly Inventory

On a weekly basis the container will be inventoried, and you will be invoiced only for the items used or damaged. The container will be restocked to the pre-determined levels and/or items can be added to the inventory list, based on your request.

Low Upfront Cost

The only upfront cost to you is the rental of the container, delivery and pick up of the container.

Fully Customizable

The list is completely open to your decision, there is not any item that cannot be a part of the inventory.


It has never been easier to prepare for the unknown

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