Stand-By Rescue Services


Confined Space and High Angle Rescue

per OSHA standard 29CFR1910.146

Our Confined Space Rescue Team (CSRT) consists of a minimum 3 members who are trained and qualified to effect a rescue in accordance with 29 CFR1910.146 and the NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications (2017 ed.).
All CSRT Members are qualified to perform the following duties including but not limited to:
Rope Rescue in the high and low angle environment, horizontal rescues from restricted/entrapping /confined spaces.
Monitor atmospheric conditions with Multi-Gas meters and Compound Specific meters.
Walk-out jobs to review site and prepare:
• Lock out tag out (LOTO) plan.
• Written rescue Incident Action Plan (IAP).
• Job Safety Analysis (JSA).
• Promote and encourage every person on site to employ “You Can Stop” program.
• Assist employees or contractors with set up and use of Supplied Air Respiratory (SAR) equipment.
• Provide other assistance as determined by the company.
• Maintain communication with safety personnel and project managers.
• CSRT members shall maintain on site, the appropriate amount of the following equipment:
    Class III Rescue harness.

  • Static life safety rescue rope and NFPA 1983 General Purpose rated Rescue hardware
  • Respiratory Protection equipment (escape bottles, SCBA, SAR).
  • Multi gas air monitors (s).
  • Artificial High Directional (AHD) equipment (I.e. tripod).
  • Non-entry/ Non-committal rescue hardware (i.e. Retractable Winch, Rescue Hooks).
       Victim management/ rescue adjuncts such as; litters, Rigid Spine boards, Medical equipment.
    • Crew vehicle and trailer to support standby rescue team.

Confined Space and High Angle Rescue Training

Per OSHA Standard 29 CFR1910.146

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