Fishbone Energy Services, Safety Solutions, Inspection Services and Information Technologies
Since 1999 the Fishbone Family of Companies have been proven leaders in the fields of Project Management, Project Controls, Inspections and Safety. From the days of our handheld Palm field planning system to our current cloud based platforms we have been the leaders in innovation in the Industrial market.

What Makes Us Different?
What separates the Fishbone Family from the competition?
  • Commitment to Safety - The core of our business is based on returning each employee home safely at the end of each shift. We have an outstanding safety record and are focused in everything we do.
  • Qualified Resources - Each of our companies only recruit the most qualified individuals for each position. Each candidate is put through a multi-tier interview process to assure proper match of skill set, professionalism and personality.
  • Industry Leading Support - With each resource comes the backing of our corporate office. With decades of experience at their disposal you can be assured a quality resolution to any questions that may come up.
  • Advanced Technology - We are constantly researching the newest technologies and testing those we think may be useful. If the technology passes our stringent testing we will then roll the product out to the market.
  • Honesty and Integrity - At Fishbone Family of Companies we take our business seriously. At the core are honesty and integrity. That is the only way we do business.
Markets Served:

The Fishbone Family of Companies have a strong reputation serving the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power market since 1999. We provide the resources necessary to bring each and every S.T.O. or Capital Project to completion on time and under budget. Upstream, Midstream or Downstream, we have you covered.

Serving the Upstream Market - Drilling & Completions

Upstream Services

Midstream Services

Downstream Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power Facility Services

Downstream Services

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